Capelli Hairdressing only use a range of permanent, ammonia-free colouring products. These are not only long-lasting, but also enriched with ingredients that leave your hair incredibly shiny and soft, yet full of life. Its the lack of ammonia fumes that gives the salon a clean air’ feel and contributes to its fresh, clean atmosphere which benefits both customers and stylists alike.

**Important: Skin Tests Required 48 hrs prior to Colouring Treatment**


You can also purchase Organic Hair products in the salon. The attractive, earth-coloured Shampoo, conditioning  bottles are clearly and simply packaged.

Finally after  long research we have found a brand to compliment our Organic Range.

LabelM  is one of Fashions true originators, leading the way by pioneering innovative Formulas,
inspired by Hairdressers To Share The Future.
NEW TITANIUM STYLING IRON available to purchase
Straighten or curl for glossy and silky locks